Brian's Guitars
Here are some photos of my guitars at various stages of construction.
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I currently have one cypress flamenco in
stock at $5500. It has an Adirondack spruce
soundboard, Mendocino cypress back and
sides, Spanish cedar neck, and ebony
fingerboard. Binding is Brazilian rosewood,
as are the bridge and head facing, and the
trim is full mitered back and side purfling, in
the style of the Madrid builders.

I make my own rosettes, and black-white
stringing (purfling), using holly for white,
black dyed pear for black, and cherry in the
rosette for medium brown. Decorative rings
in the rosette are Brazilian rosewood.

The fingerboard is crowned to an 18" radius
at the nut, and a 28" radius at the 19th fret, a
"conical section". This aids in playing
barred chords, as the shape of the
fingerboard matches the curve of your left
index finger. I use a large cross section
fretwire, #075 from Luthiers Mercantile, for
the ease of left hand action that it gives.

Machine heads are bronze Sloanes, with
ivoroid buttons. These are excellent quality
tuners, used by many of the best classic

The finish is French polished shellac ~ not
bulletproof, but it's the most beautiful
looking finish, and the best for the tone of the
The nut, bridge saddle, and bridge tie-block
inlays, are bone, which is superior to all
other materials currently available for these

Traditional hot hide glue is used throughout
the body of the instrument for its  heat
resistance, which is superior to modern
polyvinyl glues. Though I haven't been able
to prove it yet, I believe that it's also
acoustically superior to the polyvinyls.

The instrument comes with a Richard Bruné
double arched, hardshell case, with "flight"
cases available at an additional cost.

I give a free "Ten thousand note tune-up"
with each guitar, usually after six months or
so of playing. A new instrument always
changes in small ways as it settles in, and
this gives me a chance to take care of any
minor adjustments that need to be made to
suit the playing style of the owner.

I guarantee my instruments against defects in
materials and workmanship for the life of the
builder. Beyond that it would be a bit
difficult for me to go. This guarantee extends
to any new owners as well. I take a lot of
pride in my work, and it's a bit like having
one's children come home for a visit when
someone brings one of my guitars back to my
If  you are interested in getting an instrument from me...
I maintain a dated list of the people
interested in buying a classical or flamenco
guitar from me. There is no charge for being
on the list, and as instruments become
available, I will contact you in the order in
which you asked to be on the list. I can make
no assurances about when an instrument will
be ready for delivery.

The best way to decide whether to buy a
guitar from me is to come to my shop in Fort
Bragg, and examine it and play it in person.
If that is inconvenient, I can send you a short
video, in DVD format, with close-ups of
various parts of the instrument, and some
playing of it to give you an idea of its tone.
If  you want the guitar, send me a certified
check for the full amount, including shipping.
I will send it to you, and you will have a
week to decide if you want to keep it. If you
decide to return it, ship it back un-damaged
in the carton in which it came, and I will
refund your payment, less my shipping costs.

If you ever decide to sell the guitar, contact
me, as I will be likely to have someone
interested in it.