These, are some of my fav-or-ite links...
(once again, with feeling)
Here are links to suppliers that I trade
with regularly:

Luthiers Mercantile International ~
everything for guitarmaking

The Japan Woodworker ~
high quality Japanese, domestic, and
European woodworking tools

Both LMI and JPW sell my sharpening
booklet and system.

Allied Lutherie Ltd. ~
large selection of tonewood ~
Todd Taggart's new business

Allen Luthier supply ~
large selection of tonewood, good
prices, and personal service

Stewart MacDonald ~
lots of specialized tools and repair
supplies, plus those great Sloane tuners
At the top of the list is:

Frank Ford has put an enormous amount of
effort into this site over the years. It is
probably the largest lutherie site on the
web, with tons of lutherie information of
every kind. It's especially good on repair
info, as Frank has been head of repairs at
Gryphon Stringed Instruments for 35 years.

Running neck and neck for usefulness is  
the Musical Instrument Maker's Forum

Deb Suran has created a wonderful forum
for discussion on every conceivable topic
concerning musical instrument making, and
not just stringed instruments. Many
volunteers work on keeping this going,
including maintaining an extensive library
of previous threads.

The two general lutherie organizations,
which are well worth belonging to. Both
publish quarterly magazines that come with
your membership, and I recommend them

The Guild of American Luthiers   (GAL)

The Association of Stringed Instrument
Artisans (ASIA)


For the technically minded I recommend
leftbrainluthiers  at:

Its a mailing list that gets you all posts to
the list. No subject too arcane.

More technical information is available at
David Hurd's excellent site. David is
founder of the LBL  group on Yahoo, and
is the author of  "Left Brain Lutherie",
which gives extensive coverage of testing
methods for all types of stringed
Technical Video Rental has a good
selection of  lutherie videos in stock for
rental by the week ~ all perfectly legal
and ethical by the way. Another one
person business doing a good thing.
Shell and other inlay materials:

James Leonard supplies a wide variety
of mother of pearl (MOP) and crushed
stone products, plus mammoth and legal
elephant ivory material and parts. He
also does custom cnc work in these
materials plus various natural and dyed
Rescue Pearl supplies a wide variety of
MOP and other inlay products at very
reasonable prices from their location in
Rescue, California.