How to get here
If you're driving from the south, take US
highway 101 north to Cloverdale. Just
north of Cloverdale you will see the
turnoff for state highway 128 west, and
Fort Bragg. Go to the left under 101 for
about a mile, and turn right on highway
128. This takes you all the way to the
coast, and US highway 1, through some of
the prettiest country in California. Dozy
little villages, vineyards with wine tasting
rooms, sheep on the hillsides, and a final
ten miles through redwoods. When you get
to highway 1, turn north and follow the
coast past the town of Mendocino. About 9
miles north of Mendocino, turn right on
Simpson Lane. Half a mile up Simpson
turn right on George's Lane, and it's
another half mile to my place at #18000.

On the map it looks as though taking state
highway 20 is shorter. In fact there is no
difference in the time it takes, and highway
128 is more interesting,
If you're driving from the north, take
US 101 south to Willits. Take state
highway 20 west from Willits all the way
to where it ends at  US highway 1. Turn
south on US highway 1, for approximately
a mile, and turn left on Simpson Lane. A
half mile up Simpson Lane turn right on
George's Lane, and it's another half mile to
my place at #18000.


If you want to fly, I recommend  the
Sacramento airport. We have a couple of  
"coin operated" airports locally where you
could land a light plane, but the most
convenient real airport is Sacramento.
Airline rates change by the minute, but one
student found it around $100 cheaper to fly
into Sacramento  

The San Francisco airport is only for going
to San Francisco. It's difficult to get in and
out of, and you have to find your way
through the city to the Golden Gate bridge,
and 101 north.

To get to Fort Bragg from either airport is
about a 4 hour drive. You can get a good
set of driving directions through:

The airport code for Sacramento is SMF,
and for SanFrancisco is SFO.