Luthier's Groups
Over twelve years ago we formed an
informal luthier's group to carry over
some of the enthusiasm generated during
a Guild of American Luthiers
convention. We have met every two
months since then, and it has become an
important part of many luthiers lives. A
lot of lasting friendships have been
formed, and much good information

NCAL (pronounced enn-cal) is our
Northern California Association of
Luthiers, and you are invited to get on
our mailing list, regardless of where you
live. People come from all over to attend
our meetings. You can send your contact
information to me.

Here are some photos of previous
meetings, and a guide to starting your
own local group, that I wrote for  
American Lutherie and Guitarmaker.

See Favorite Links for contact info for
existing luthiers groups.

All photos courtesy of  Frank Ford at
Show-and-tell time at an NCAL meeting at
Frank Ford's and Richard Johnston's store
Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto.
Here I am, with an improvised gavel, about
to start a meeting at Steve Kaufman's, and
make a plug for my sharpening booklet.
Kenny Hill, of Hill Guitars, talking about the
uke as a  good product for training employees,
at a  meeting at  Luthiers Mercantile, in
Fred Carlson with one of his fantastic
instruments. It sounded wonderful!   Charles
Fox once said to me "Brian, you and I are
craftsmen; Fred's an artist".
Ervin Somogyi demonstrates his binding
technique at a meeting at Bruce Sexauer's
shop in Petaluma.
Frank Ford does a slide show of his tour
of the Collings factory at a meeting at
Gryphon Stringed Instruments.
Rick Turner with an inlaid headstock of
one of his guitars, at a meeting at his shop
in Santa Cruz.
Steve Kaufman (left), builder of Klein
guitars, is asked a question about an
instrument of his own design, at a meeting in
his shop in Concord
Ken Armstrong shows one of his
instruments at the NCAL 10th anniversary
party at Tom Ribbecke's place in